WOA Wildlife Viewing Project

Discover the Untapped Resources of the Upper Mississippi River

At Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center we have an untapped resource that we want to share worldwide, the visible natural environment from our Center overlooking the Mississippi River and the Upper Mississippi River National Fish & Wildlife Refuge.


The WOA Wildlife Viewing Project seeks to bring many different views of our unique natural environment to the public as well as educational videos to enhance the public's experience.

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PHASE 1: "DECK" VIEWING from the Center's 50-foot viewing deck overlooking the Mississippi River and providing scopes and binoculars for a first-hand "live" view of wildlife, eagles, swans and birdlife in the wild. Viewing also available from Rieck's Lake Park.

PHASE 2: "IN THE WILD" VIEWING with sponsored trips into the backwaters and the many natural areas surrounding the Center.

PHASE 3: "VIDEO" VIEWING from within the Center of amateur and professionally produced wildlife videos on a 48 inch monitor provides "taped" views which enhance our educational mission.

PHASE 4: "LIVE, IN PERSON" VIEWING presented through educational programs hosted by the Center. WOA hosts Nature Talks with four presentations featuring live birds: bald eagle, golden eagle, red-tailed hawk and great horned owl.


We are passionate about wildlife viewing and the nearness of the Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center to this environment makes live observation and broadcasting possible without any disturbance to birdlife or wildlife. Won't you join us in this passion by making a donation to the Wildlife Viewing Project?


HOW TO CONTRIBUTE? Click here to learn more.




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