It's impressive to see these amazing raptors in the wild and there are many spots in Alma for viewing bald eagles. From our 50-foot viewing deck or from the comfort of the Center itself, the Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center is one of the best spots. Come watch the wintering bald eagles and support the efforts of the Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center. For additional information on the Center or the wintering eagles please call 608-685-3303.

Wintering Bald Eagles arrive in mid-December and stay through mid-March, depending on the weather.

Best Viewing Time: 9am-2pm

Don't miss a rare opportunity to view wintering bald eagles in the wild and on the ice below Lock & Dam #4. This viewing location on the Mississippi River and in the heart of Alma, Wisconsin couldn't be better. Eagles can be viewed the entire length of the city of Alma but are especially visible from the Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center. From mid-December through mid-March, you will see dozens to hundreds of bald eagles sitting on the ice. This is a spectacular occurrence and one that should not be missed.


Food availability for bald eagles in the winter is very important. As a result, in the winter, eagles often gather below the locks & dams on the Mississippi River because of the open water for fishing and the ice where they can rest and digest their meal. And they don't need to worry about frozen food ... when the air temperature is zero or below, open water cannot be colder than 32 degrees.


The US Fish & Wildlife Service states that the numbers of eagles wintering along the Upper Mississippi River now rival those of Alaska's Chilkat River, which boasts the world's largest wintering bald eagle population. "We have estimated that as many as 4,000 eagles winter along the Upper Mississippi," says FWS. The disadvantage is they are spread throughout a very large area. Alma's advantage is they gather right in our town!


Weekly Bald Eagle Count:

All Counts are from the Viewing Deck at the Wings Over Alma Nature & Art Center

Bald Eagle Count: 

Bald Eagles are moving toward open water below Lock & Dam #4 in Alma, Wisconsin. We have a new nest visible from Main Street, Alma, Wisconsin and we're looking forward to lots of Bald Eagle activity.

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See these resources to learn more about Bald Eagles. If you live in the Upper Mississippi River Valley, don't forget to visit your local nature center.


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